Spring is Here, Put up your bat house before they return!


Environmentally friendly mosquito eaters

Reduce your risk of West Nile Virus!


"One colony of bats can eat 500,000 insects each night. A single brown bat can catch and eat up to 1200 mosquitoes in an hour. Most bats can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes a night!"





Certified Bat Houses


Early Bird  Sale Starting at $98.95


Our Best Sellers

Lone Star Woodcraft Bat Houses


100% Western Red Cedar 

with 3" cast iron Star


What Does "Certified" mean?


Not sure which one to get them?





Pewter Bat Pin

with every Bat House (including kits)


pewter bat pin


a $6.95 value


Hand crafted from 100% genuine Pewter

 great lapel or tie pin

(approx. size 1"  x 5/8") 

Made in the USA


As Featured on the cover of Schertz Magazine




Gifts under $50



New Item!

Lone Star Bumblebee House

  16" L x 9" x 6"

Special limited quantity item

Sale Price $129.95

Only 3 2 left!

The Lone Star Bumble Bee House has a roof that hinges open to view the bees through a transparent Plexiglas panel.


Check out our Bat Cam Video

Bats leaving our Bat House

Do-it-Yourself Habitat Kits


        Lone Star Woodcraft Bluebird House Kit

                   Bat House Kit                 Lone Star Bluebird House Kit 


Great educational items!

Price: $39.95
Sale price: $34.95

save 12%



Customer Photo of the Month


Bats in a Lone Star Bat House!


click the pic for a close up view of their little faces


Submitted by: Michelle B., Roanoke, VA

Photo credit: David Vanover





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