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Lone Star Bumblebee House

16" L x 9" x 6"

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The Lone Star Bumble Bee House has a roof that hinges open to view the bees through a transparent Plexiglas panel.

There is one entry hole and two bee-housing chambers: the front chamber is for the worker bees to set up defenses and guard the queen; the rear chamber is for the queen to raise the next generation. nesting cotton is provided in the queen's chamber.

In early spring, place the house in a sheltered spot near nectar-rich flowers. This will help attract a queen as she emerges from hibernation. Placing it on a flat rock or a couple of bricks will help protect it from the damp earth.

The house is made from Western Red Cedar so it can be left outside all year.

One of nature's most valuable pollinators, bumblebees need a warm, dry place to overwinter. This house is a cozy shelter with smart features for the bees. It has two chambers, one for the queen and one for the worker bees; screens provide good ventilation. Includes upholsterers cotton nesting material.  Lift the hinged roof and a clear plastic panel lets you observe the bees' behavior. Place it in the garden in full or partial shade.
  • Invite beneficial pollinating bumblebees to take up residence
  • Designed specifically for the needs of bumblebees
  • Attractive, durable design combined with functionality and convenience.


Special limited quantity item




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