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two bat houses on a pond


Customer Partnerships & Praise


Lone Star Woodcraft has supplied many well-respected companies and organizations with our quality products.  Some of our valued customers include:


·        Bat Conservation International – Austin, Texas

            (including custom prototype bat houses for the island of Madagascar, South Africa)

·        US Military, Fort Sam Houston Base – San Antonio, Tx

·        Sedgwick County Zoo – Wichita, Kansas

·        Dilley Independent School District – Dilley, Texas

·        Department of State Health Services – San Antonio, Tx

·        Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

·        Wildlife Control Technology – Fresno, California

·        KSAT News – San Antonio, Texas


The following are some samples of customer feedback we have received over the years:

 “Thanks for the update and quick shipment.  How professional and customer friendly.  I like doing business with folks like you!”   ~ Rhonda (Chantilly, Va) 

“The bat house is gorgeous! A work of art! And it arrived the very next day. Thanks for bailing me out of my last-minute Christmas quandary with a most impressive gift. Now let's see if we can attract some bats!   Thank-you!”  ~ Anne (Austin, Tx)

Bats in a Lone Star Bat House!


Submitted by: Michelle B., Roanoke, VA

Photo credit: David Vanover


click the pic for a close up view of their little faces



"We got this house from you last year.  It's attached to a utility pole in the middle of a horse field.  And it's the nicest of the 3 that we own.  Your quality is the best.  And we love all the little guys that set up shop for us.  Thank you"


Note the absence of White-nose Syndrome on these bats. Artificial roosts are playing a key factor in preventing the spread of this tragic disease.


Thanks Michelle and David!

A Lone Star Condo in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Bat house in Bolivia


"Here you see the already populated Bat house. We bought a bat house ( for 600 bats) from your company and shipped it down here. Since 3 weeks the condo is mounted and I counted already 24 bats renting the condo. Now we want to construct bigger condos about 200 of them and distribute them in our farm for Insect control. Best regards ~Nikolaus (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)


“Your quick replies the day before were much appreciated and gave us much to think about. This one is perfect for our pasture, and the bat guano would (probably) be very good for the vegetable garden!  My husband and I are anxious to try out our very first bat house, and thanks very much for shipping it so quickly!”  ~ Ileana (Arnold, Md)

 “We love our two bat cam houses.  We can’t stop watching them and neither can our friends.  Everyone that comes over gets hooked on watching them.  This bat house was so easy to install and set up the camera for our viewing pleasure.  This is the best so far in bat houses that we have tried.”  ~ Mike & Sherry (Three Rivers, Ca)

“The squirrel house arrived today. The house is beautiful. Thanks a lot!!  Cheers” ~ Wences (Derio, Spain)

"I received the bat house on November the 10th! Magnifico!" ~ Emanuele  (Firenze, Italy)

pole mounted bat house

Dear Regan,

The Bat house came today and my husband John was thrilled.  He agonized over where to put it but knew it need to be away from light, facing southeast, etc so he put it on the backside of his detached shop in far back of yard.  He attached it to top of about a 16 foot pole.  He is still getting the anchoring of the pole done but I wanted you to know the house arrived and is already up. You really make beautiful quality art as well as a functional bat house.  The bats don't know how pretty their house is!  The picture is attached of it going up against his shop.

 Thanks ~ Lisa & John (Richland Hills, Tx)

Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon National Park

Lone Star Bat House at Grand Canyon,

Thank you so much for the wonderful bat house.  It has been put up down here at Phantom Ranch which is located at the bottom of Grand Canyon. I'm a ranger naturalist and do educational programs here, one of which is about bats!  The bat house, which I put up in our amphitheater will be seen by visitors from all over the world!  Thanks again for this amazing opportunity to teach people about the importance of bat conservation.

We are going to be moving it a little higher off the ground and putting a shade roof over the top of it as well. I've been taking the internal temperature on a daily basis and with the extreme heat here at Phantom is is getting a bit warm - 108+ F.  Once we get the temperature regulated it should be a fantastic habitat for our bats.  The visitors love seeing it an it has inspired folks from all over the word to build there own!

Thanks, Ranger Pam
Park Ranger - Division of Interpretation
Phantom Ranch
Grand Canyon National Park

Great for backyard entertainment and mosquito control

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