What to Know about Painting or Staining Bat Houses

The appropriate shade of color depends upon the geographic location and the amount of sun exposure the bat house receives (see below). At least six hours of direct daily sun are recommended for bat houses where daily high temperatures in July average less than 100F. Houses where high temperatures in July average 80F or less should receive at least 10 hours of sun. Full, all-day sun is often successful in all but the hottest climates. Use darker colors for less sun.

Below, we have provided a map of recommended bat house colors. Due to individual species' preferences, ambient temperature, amount of sun exposure and other variables, more than one shade of color may be suitable for a given location. To the extent feasible, multiple houses providing different options should be installed.

Our models are unfinished cedar which will darken naturally over time. In Regions 3 and 4 further darkening is not required.  However, if you live in regions 3 or 4 and your Lone Star Bat House is not receiving 6-8 hours of sunlight per day you may want to apply a light stain to darken the wood.  Bat Houses require an internal temperature of 80F -100F and darkening will help the bat house absorb heat from the sun.   If you wish, we can stain your Bat house for an additional $5 and please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery. Please specify when you checkout if you would like the house stained, where the bat house will be installed (nearest town/city and state), and a color will be selected for you.

Remember to mount your bat house at least 12 feet high on a wooden or masonry structure or on a pole, free from obstacles such as tree branches or power lines. Mounting your Bat House on a tree is highly discouraged due to shading, branches hindering entrance and exit flight, and predators.

bat house color recommendations map



Bat House Color

1) Dark areas: less than 85F black
2) Medium areas: 85 to 95F dark or medium color
3) Light areas: 95 to 100F medium color
4) Lightest areas: 100F or greater white or light color


For information email:  Regan  Garden Ridge, Texas (just off Bat Cave Rd) ph 210.885.0811