Triple Chamber Bat House

(holds 300 bats)

Price: $179.95

Sale price: $144.95

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Triple Chamber Bat Houses are ideal for establishing nursing colonies and when mounted according to instructions included, have a 80% occupancy rate.  

This Triple Chamber Bat House, measures 29"H x 14"W x 5"D and is cut from 100% Western Red Cedar and is Certified by Bat Conservation International

 All joints are half-lapped, caulked and sealed.

The " ventilation gap allows for circulation and temperature variability.

Each Lone Star Bat House is hand made and inspected.

We pre-drilled holes for mounting screws for your convenience.

All exterior surfaces (except landing pad) are hand sanded to increase the aesthetic appearance.

Each Lone Star Bat House adorns our trademark 3" cast iron star and "Hand Crafted by Lone Star Woodcraft" brand.

As these house are constructed of Western Red Cedar, they weather beautifully and will darken as they are exposed to the elements over time.

The " chambers will deter wasps, hornets etc. from making a home in your bat house, however they may try to make a home in the area just below the chamber on the landing pad.  Inspect your house several times a week or until the bats move in since Bats will not move in if the house is already occupied. Once the bats have moved in, other insects will avoid the area completely as they don't want to be eaten.

January/February is the best time to inspect your house for winter wear.  Reseal any gaps that may have formed due to the dynamic expansive features of cedar.  Clear any branches that have grown around the house that may pose entrance or exit path hindrance.


For information email:  Regan  Garden Ridge, Texas (just off Bat Cave Rd) ph 210.885.0811